Author: Heather Fabian

Annamaria Csizmadia receives Univ Teaching Fellow Award from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Annamaria CsizmadiaDuring her time at UConn, Associate Professor Annamaria Csizmadia has received 3 different grants for teaching (from the Honors Core Course Grant Competition; General Education Course Enhancement and the Provost’s Academic Mini-Grant Competition). In the past 5 years, she has taught 31 sections of 6 different courses, as well as supervising students in field experience, undergraduate and graduate research practicum, honors theses, and masters theses. In the words of one of her former students, “Dr. Csizmadia is a once in a lifetime professor. She has the ability to turn a classroom into a life changing experience that challenges and inspires her students to reach and achieve greatness. I know her teaching methods are only successful because of her! Her humanistic approach, supportive nature, her natural ability to provide clarity, and her enthusiasm for teaching is unbeatable. To all of her students, she is more than a professor. She is a motivator, a woman of inspiration, a mentor, an educator, and a friend. I feel that I write on behalf of all Dr.Csizmadia’s students when I say we want to express our unconditional support for Dr. Csizmadia’s nomination.”

Hyeseong Kang and Courtney Lincoln graduate from HDFS doctoral program

Hyeseong Kang
H. Kang
Courtney Lincoln
C. Lincoln

Two students graduated from our doctoral program in Fall 2018 – Dr. Hyeseong Kang and Dr. Courtney Lincoln. Currently, Hyeseong is a Team Manager of the Research and Evaluation Team at Dream Start in Korea. Courtney is a Postdoctoral Associate at Yale University working with Dr. Matia Finn-Stevenson to evaluate the Mutt-i-gees Curriculum, a curriculum that teaches students social and emotional skills with the help of human-canine interaction. Congratulations to our graduates!

Alaina Brenick receives grant from Potsdam University

Alaina BrenickAssociate Professor Alaina Brenick received a grant titled, Development and evaluation of a school-based intervention program to promote a sense of belonging, well-being, and achievement amongst culturally diverse students from the Antrag auf eine Kooperationsförderung, “KoUP 1” zur Förderung von Kooperationen mit Universitäten in den Schwerpunktregionen USA und Russland (Grant to Promote Cooperation with Universities in Priority Regions of the USA and Russia), Potsdam University.

The grant is a collaboration between Drs. Maja K. Schachner and Linda Juang of Potsdam University, Germany, Adriana Umaña-Taylor, Harvard University, USA, and Alaina Brenick, University of Connecticut, USA.  Congratulations Alaina!