HDFS Faculty Service Award, 2021-22

Awarded to faculty member who has demonstrated excellence and going above and beyond in service and/or leadership to the department, College, regional campus, UConn, CT or other states, national or international level, and/or the profession, with consideration for engaged scholarship activities.

Anne Bladen

Anne BladenAnne supports the UConn and HDFS community by providing a nurturing environment for researchers, students, families, and children. In her 26 years at UConn, Anne has worked tirelessly to increase opportunities for UConn and the surrounding communities and improve the quality of the Child Labs. In the past two years, she has done extraordinary work in adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the Child Labs reopened in January 2021, Anne has successfully navigated the constantly evolving state, federal, and university guidelines while upholding the highest standard of best practice for children and families. Anne also does addition service for the department, university, profession, and community. Anne is frequently involved in local outreach at various events, such as spending a Saturday promoting the Child Labs at a table during the Celebrate Mansfield festival in Storrs.  (Anne’s faculty profile webpage)