Emily Simpson

Ph.D., Health and Well-being

Entered the Program: 2014

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Current Program: PhD program with concentration in health and wellbeing

Previous Education:

  • B.A., Psychology, Sewanee: the University of the South, 2011
  • M.A., psychology, Wake Forest University, 2014

Research Interests:

  • Child and adolescent development within the family context
  • Child and adolescent social and emotional development
  • Adolescent substance use

Advising Committee:

  • Major Advisor: Beth S. Russell
  • Associate Advisor: Linda C. Halgunseth
  • Associate Advisor: Charles Super

Degree Milestones: 

  • Passed Comprehensive Examination: December, 2017

Assistantship Experience:

  • GA with Wellness and Prevention Services: 2014-2016
  • RA with Connecticut Children’s Medical Center 2016-

Awards/scholarships/fellowships (year(s) award):

  • Summer Fellowship for Advanced Graduate Students: 2018
  • HDFS Best Student Paper: 2018
  • Summer Fellowship for Advanced Graduate Students: 2017


I recently moved to Vernon, CT, where I live happily with my dog Rocko.