Gonul Hilal Kuscul

Ph.D. Parenting

Entered the Program: 2017

Hometown:  Istanbul, Turkey

Current program: PHD in parenting

Previous Education:

  • BA in Psychology in Bogazici University in Turkey, Istanbul (1990)
  • MA in social Psychology in Bogazici University in Turkey, Istanbul (1993)

Research Interests:

  • Fatherhood identity and father support programs
  • Gender issues and parenting
  • Effects of poverty on parenting and child well-being.
  • Development and evaluation of effective parent support and intervention programs

Advising Committee:

Major Advisor: Kari Adamsons

Degree Milestones:

2nd year Doctoral Student

Assistantship Experience:

  • Teaching Assistant -2018 – HDFS 1060 – Close Relationships


  • 2018 HDFS – Summer Fellowship for Advanced Graduate Students
  • 2018 Wood/Raith Gender Identity Living Trust – Graduate Student Fellowship