Linda Citlali Halgunseth

Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences

Past Chair, SRCD Latino Caucus



  • Early Career Award, SRCD Latinx Caucus (2017)
  • Early Career Award, AAUP Teaching Excellence (2017)

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. University of Missouri
  • M.S. University of Missouri
  • B.A. with Honors, University of Texas at Austin

Professional Interests

  • Mexican/American and African American Parenting
  • Cultural Influences on Parent-Child Relationships and Parenting
  • Children of Immigrants
  • Culturally-Appropriate Measurement Development
  • Minority Health and Well-Being

Selected Publications (students in italics; see CV for full list)

  • Shah, S., Choi, M., Miller, M., Halgunseth, L.C., & Brenick, A. (in press). Family and school belongingness: Protective factors for immigrant youth against bias-based bullying.  Special Issue on Research with Immigrant Children and Families.  New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development.  
  • Espinosa-Hernández, G., Halgunseth, L.C., Pond, R.S., Daugherty, J., & Dark-Freudeman, A.R. (2020). Barriers to mother-adolescent communication about sex, monitoring, and sexual behavior among adolescents in Mexico. Journal of International Psychology.  Online First Publication.
  • Pachter, L.M., García Coll, C., Perez-Brena, N., Lopez, L.M., Halgunseth, L.C., Mistry, R.S. Stein, G.L., & Carlo, G., (2020). Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on children and youth. Delaware Journal of Public Health, 46(2A), 40-41.
  • Reid, A., Halgunseth, L.C., Espinosa-Hernández, G., Csizmadia, A., & Card, N. (2019).  Cultural Values and Romantic Relationship Satisfaction in Mexican Adolescents: The Moderating Effects of Parental Psychological Control and Gender.  Journal of Adolescence, 77, 118-128. 
  • Halgunseth, L.C., Milan, S., Hynes, K., Melendez-Rhodes, T., & Reid, A. (2019).  Depression as a moderator in the relation between mothers’ and daughters’ ethnic identity commitment. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 25(4), 598-603.
  • Halgunseth, L.C. (2019).  Latino and Latin American parenting.  In M. Bornstein (Ed.), Handbook of Parenting (3ed). Social Conditions and Applied Parenting, vol. 4 (pp. 24-56). New York, NY: Routledge.
  • Reid, A., Halgunseth, L.C., Espinosa-Hernandez, G., & Vasilenko, S.A. (2018). Sociocultural influences on the association between negative romantic experiences and psychological adjustment in Mexican adolescents. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 28 (4), 888-901.
  • Ki, P., Britner, P.A., Rohner, R. R., Halgunseth, L.C., & Rigazio-Digilio, S.A. (2018). Coping with Remembrances of Parental Rejection in Childhood: Gender Differences and Associations with Intimate Partner Relationships.  Journal of Child and Family Studies, 27 (8), 2441-2455.
  • Bouza, J., Camacho-Thomson, D.E., Carlo, G., Franco, X., Garcia Coll, C., Halgunseth, L.C, …White R., (2018, June).  The science is clear: Separating families has long-term damaging psychological and health consequences for children, families and communities. Washington, D. C.: Society for Research in Child Development.
  • Halgunseth, L.C., Espinosa-Hernández, G., Joeng, H.K., Chang, Y, Card, N.A. & Reid, A. (2017).  Parenting practices and adolescent adjustment in Mexico: Initial Evidence of the Mexican Parenting Questionnaire for Adolescence (MPQ-A).  Journal of Child and Family Studies, 26 (2), 471-481.
  • Brenick, A. & Halgunseth, L.C. (2017). Brief Note: Applying developmental intergroup perspectives to the social-ecologies of bullying: Lessons from development social psychology. Journal of Adolescence, 59, 90-95.
  • Halgunseth, L.C., Jensen, A., Sakuma, K., & McHale, S. (2016).  The role of mothers’ and fathers’ religiosity in African American adolescents’ religious beliefs and practices. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 22 (3), 386-394.
  • Espinosa-Hernandez, G., Bissell-Havran, J., Van Duzor, A., & Halgunseth, L.C. (2016).  Romantic relationships in Mexico: Understanding the roles of parenting and respeto across adolescence.  Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.
  • Vasilenko, S.A., Espinosa-Hernandez, G., & Halgunseth, L.C. (2016).  Positive and negative perceived consequences of first intercourse in Mexican adolescents. Journal of Culture, Health, and Sexuality, 18 (5), 582-596.
  • BeLue, R., Halgunseth, L.C., Abiero, B, & Bediako, P. (2015). The relations among maternal health status, parenting stress, and child behavior problems in low-income, ethnic-minority families. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities, 2, 501-509.
  • Chang, Y. & Halgunseth, L.C. (2015). The association between psychosocial adjustment and weight status change among ethnic-minority adolescents. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 44, 870-886.
  • Chang, Y., & Halgunseth, L.C.  (2015). The association between family meals and early-adolescents’ weight status change in the context of parental discipline practices: The moderating roles of ethnicity and acculturation. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 17(2), 450-458.
  • Halgunseth, L.C., Perkins, D.F., Lippold, M., & Nix, R.L. (2013). Delinquent-oriented attitudes mediate the relation between parental inconsistent discipline and early adolescent behavior. Journal of Family Psychology, 27 (2), 293-302.
  • Halgunseth, L.C. & Ispa, J. (2012). Mexican Parenting Questionnaire (MPQ). Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 34 (2), 232-250.
  • Halgunseth, L. C., Smith, E. P., & Craig, A. (2011). Effective parenting and its impact on conduct problems among African American children. In. T. L. Mann, N. E. Hill, & H. E. Fitzgerald (Eds.), Child psychology and mental health: Cultural and ethno-racial perspectives, vol. 2 (pp.183-209). Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.
  • Halgunseth, L. C., Ispa, J. M., & Rudy, D. (2006). Parental control in Latino families: An integrated review in the literature. Child Development, 77 (5),1282-1297.
  • Halgunseth, L. C., Ispa, J. M., Csizmadia, A., & Thornburg, K. R. (2005). Relations among maternal racial identity, maternal parenting behavior, and child outcomes in low-income urban Black families. Journal of Black Psychology, 31 (4), 418-440.

Selected Presentations

  • Halgunseth, L.C. (Discussant; 2019, March).  Parents, Partners, and Peers: Examining the Context of Supportive Relationships for Latina/o Adolescents. Paper symposium at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Child Development, Baltimore, MD.
  • Halgunseth, L.C. (Moderator; 2019, March).  Latinx or Latino? Considerations and Future Directions in the Use of Terminology.  Roundtable Presentation at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Child Development, Baltimore, MD.
  • Halgunseth, L.C. (Discussant; 2018, April). Diverse Mechanisms of Parental Influence on Adolescents from Diverse Cultures. Paper symposium submitted to the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Halgunseth, L.C., Espinosa-Hernandez, G., Reid, A., Harris, C., & Gutierrez, E. (2016, October).  Parenting Practices and Mexican Adolescents’ Psychological Adjustment: The Role of Gender.  Poster Symposium to be presented at Society for Research on Child Development Special Topics Conference on Babies, Boys, and Men of Color, Tampa, FL.
  • Halgunseth, L.C. (Chair; 2015, March). Latino Parenting and Child Developmental Outcomes: From Toddlers to Adolescents. Paper Symposium presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Child Development, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Halgunseth, L. C., Sakuma, K.K., Stanik, C., & McHale, S.M. (2014, March). Parental correlates and influences on adolescent religious beliefs in two-parent African American families. Poster presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence, Austin, TX. This poster was competitively selected for special recognition for a session focused on Diversity in Adolescence at the conference.
  • Halgunseth, L.C. (2013, April). Parenting in context: Validation of the Mexican Parenting Questionnaire for Adolescents (MPQ-A) among adolescents in Mexico. Paper presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Child Development, Seattle, WA.
  • Halgunseth, L.C. (2011, March). Developing a parenting measure for immigrant Mexican mothers: A mixed-methods approach. Paper presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research on Child Development, Montreal, QC.
  • Halgunseth, L. C. (2009, October). Strengthening concepts and measures of engagement with families. Invited speaker for the annual meeting of the Office of Planning and Research Evaluation (OPRE) Child Care Policy Research Consortium, Washington, DC.
  • Halgunseth, L. C. (2008, July). Developing successful family partnerships across ethnically and linguistically diverse early childhood communities. Invited speaker for the annual meeting of the State and Territory Child Care Administrators Meeting, Washington, DC.
Linda Halgunseth
Contact Information
Mailing Address99 E Main Street Waterbury, CT
CampusHartford, Waterbury, and Storrs
CoursesHDFS 3310: Parent-Child Relations in Cross Cultural Perspectives; HDFS 5312: Diverse Families; HDFS 2001: Diverse Issues in HDFS; HDFS 2004W Research Methods in HDFS