Qianxia Jiang

Ph.D., Prevention &

Early Intervention

Human Development and Family Studies

Entered the Program: 2017

Hometown: China

Current Program: 

PhD; prevention and early intervention

Previous Education:

  • BS. Psychology, South China Normal University, 2017

Research Interests:

  • Prevention and Intervention in Childhood Obesity
  • Self-regulation of eating
  • Child care

Advising Committee:

Major Advisor: Kim Gans

Degree Milestones:

Assistantship Experience:

2017-2018 TA of HDFS 1070

2017-2018 RA


Outstanding Graduates (top 100 among Class of 2017 in South China Normal University) (2017)

Honors in Department of Psychology, SCNU (2017)

Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences Recipient (2016)

Qianxia Jiang
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