Samantha E. Lawrence

Ph.D., Health, Wellbeing, and Prevention &

Diversity and Culture

Human Development and Family Studies

Entered the Program: 2017

Hometown:  Newington, CT

Current program: 

  • Ph.D.; Health, Wellbeing, and Prevention & Diversity and Culture

Previous Education:

  • M.A., Human Development and Family Sciences, UConn, 2019
  • B.A., Psychological Sciences & Human Development and Family Studies, UConn Honors College, 2017

Research Interests:

  • Mental health consequences of group/identity-based victimization (e.g., ethnicity/race, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental health status)
  • Experiences of, reasoning about, and responses to intergroup relations and group-based victimization
  • Intergroup relations and victimization in international contexts of social change and high conflict

Advising Committee:

Major Advisor: Alaina Brenick

Assistantship Experience:

  • Spring 2019 – Instructor, Course: Research Methods in HDFS
  • Fall 2017 – present – Research Assistantship, Developmental Aspects of Sexual Health (DASH) Lab, Advisor: Eva S. Lefkowitz
  • Fall 2018 – Teaching Assistantship, Course: Research Methods in HDFS, Advisor: Keith Bellizzi
  • Fall 2017, Spring 2018 – Teaching Assistantship, Course: Family Interaction Processes, Advisor: Louisa Baker


  • 2018  Evaluations of school-based rights violations of transgender and gender non-conforming youth: A social ecological perspective. Wood/Raith Living Trust Summer Fellowship, UConn
  • 2018  Summer Fellowship for Advanced Graduate Students in support of summer research efforts, UConn Graduate School
  • 2018  L. Eugene Thomas Fund Award, UConn Department of Human Development and Family Studies
  • 2017  I’ve Got Your Back: Does Positive Bystander Intervention Relate to Adolescents’ Judgments of Social Exclusion Bullying? Dr. Michael Ego’s Travel Fund to present at the 2018 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence in Minneapolis, Minnesota, UConn Department of Human Development and Family Studies.

Recent publications: