Early Childhood Development

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Early Childhood DevelopmentPotential Jobs– Teaching assistant in infant/toddler, preschool, Head Start, Early Head Start, kindergarten or elementary school, or special education classes. Child development specialist-home visitor, Case manager with Department of Children and Families.

Recommended Courses- With these courses the student will fulfill the “This major must also include at least 12 credits from the following courses” requirement of the major. (See catalog).

HDFS 3101. Infant and Toddler Development (Co-Requisite 3181**)

HDFS 3102. Early and Middle Childhood Development (Co-Requisite 3182**)

HDFS 3120. Intro to Programs for Young Children (Co-Requisite 3180)

HDFS 3122. Integrated Curric. Methods & Materials for Infants & Toddlers***

HDFS 3123. Integrated Curric. Methods & Materials for Preschool & Kindergarten***

HDFS 3180. Programs for Young Children: Introductory Laboratory (Co-Requisite 3120)

HDFS 3181. Observing Infant and Toddler Development** (Co-Requisite 3101)

HDFS 3182. Observing Early Childhood Development** (Co-Requisite 3102)

HDFS 3183. ECDE: Supervised Fieldwork Practicum

**Students must take either HDFS 3181 or 3182, but not both.

***Only one of these is required. Possible to take both.


Potential Internships/Fieldwork

Storrs: UConn Child Development Center and additional community placements

Stamford: Community early childhood programs


Advanced Degrees

Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Speech and language pathology, Nursing, Psychology, Family therapy, Elementary education, Special education, Reading specialist, Social work (protective services, adoption/foster care, etc.) Library science (children’s or school librarian), School counseling, School psychologist, Law (family, special education), Art/music/dance therapy


Resources – See advisor


Study Abroad

Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), Denmark – Programs focused on Child Development. Summer, fall and spring semesters.
Contact the Study Abroad Office for information on this and other programs.