Beth Russell

Associate Professor & Associate Dept Head for Undergraduate Studies

I am an Associate Professor in the HDFS department, the Director of the Center for Applied Research in Human Development (CARHD), co-Director of the Collaboratory on School and Child Health (CSCH), and Associate Department Head for Undergraduate Studies. I mentor graduate students through the following HDFS program specializations:

  • Health and Well-being
  • Parenthood and Parent-Child Relationships
  • Prevention & Early Intervention

I am currently accepting graduate student applicants for the 2022-2023 academic year. Please email me if you’re interested in learning more about joining my research team!

Research Interests: Self-regulation in normative and at-risk samples

I study the development of self-regulation in normative and at-risk samples, with a specific focus on the regulation of distress. I am deeply committed to community-engaged scholarship and building sustainable research-practice partnerships. The current topics of my research include

  • mindfulness interventions to bolster self-regulation in high risk samples (early childhood, adolescent, and young adult samples)
  • substance use and recovery
  • families coping with a chronic health condition
  • stress, coping, & resilience

Selected Recent Publications (*student co-authors):

Park, C. L., *Finkelstein-Fox, L., Russell, B. S., Fendrich, M., *Hutchison, M., & Becker, J. (2021). Psychological resilience early in the Covid-19 pandemic: Stressors, resources, and coping strategies in a national sample of Americans. American Psychologist,

Park, C. L., *Finkelstein-Fox, L., Russell, B. S., Fendrich, M., *Hutchison, M., & Becker, J. (2021, in press). Americans’ distress early in the covid-19 pandemic: Protective resources and coping strategies. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy

Russell, B. S., *Hutchison, M., Park, C. L., Fendrich, M., & *Finkelstein-Fox, L., (2021). Short-term impacts of COVID-19 on family caregivers: Emotion regulation, coping, and mental health. Journal of Clinical Psychology,

Russell, B. S., Adamsons, K., *Hutchison, M., & Francis, J. (2021). Parents’ wellbeing and emotion regulation during infancy: The mediating effects of coping. The Family Journal. doi: 10.1177/10664807211022230

Russell, B. S., Tambling, R., *Horton, A. L., *Hutchison, M., & *Tomkunas, A. J. (2021, in press). Clinically significant depression among parents during the COVID-19 pandemic: Examining the protective role of family relationships. Journal of Couple and Family Psychology

Tambling, R., Russell, B. S., & D’Aniello, C. (2021). Where is the family in young adult substance use treatment? The case for systemic family therapy for young adults with Substance Use Disorders. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, doi: 10.1007/s11469-020-00471-1

Fish, J., Russell, B. S., Watson, R. J., & Russell, S. (2020). Parent-child relationships and sexual minority youth: Implications for adult alcohol abuse. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 49, 2034-2046

Hutchison, M.*, Russell, B. S., Carney, L. M.*, Finkelstein-Fox, L.*, & Park, C. (2020). Collegiate substance use: A tale of differential risk and coping. Drugs and Alcohol Dependence, 212,

Hutchison, M.*, Russell, B. S., & Wink, M. N.* (2020). Social-emotional competence trajectories from a school-based child trauma symptom intervention in a disadvantaged community. Psychology in the Schools, 57, 1257–1272. doi: 10.1002/pits.22388

Park, C. L., Russell, B. S., Fendrich, M., Finkelstein-Fox, L.*, Hutchison, M.*, & Becker, J. (2020). Americans’ Covid-19 stress, coping, and adherence to CDC guidelines. Journal of General Internal Medicine, doi: 10.1007/s11606-020-05898-9

Russell, B. S., *Collins, C, *Tomkunas, A. J., & *Hutchison, M. (2020). Exploring the factor structure of the Child and Youth Resilience Measure (CYRM-12) for young children in a disadvantaged community. Children and Youth Services Review  doi: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2020.105746

Russell, B. S., Guite, J. W., Homan, K., Teppe, R., & Williams, S. (2020). Complementary parent components for pediatric pain families: Innovations in treatment. Children, 7, 4. doi:10.3390/children7010004

Russell, B. S., Hutchison, M.*, Tambling, R., Tomkunas, A. J.*, & Horton, A. L.* (2020). Initial challenges of caregiving during COVID-19: Caregiver burden, mental health, and the parent-child relationship. Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 51(5), 671-682. doi: 10.1007/s10578-020-01037-x

Gordon, M., Russell, B. S., & Finan, L.* (2019). The influence of parental support and community belonging on socioeconomic status and adolescent substance use over time. Substance Use and Misuse,

Russell, B. S., & Guite, J. W. (2019). Parenting impacts from a mindfulness-based intervention for families facing pediatric chronic pain. Journal of Child & Family Studies, 29(7), 1861-1872. doi: 10.1007/s10826-019-01635-x10.1007/s10826-019-01635-x

Russell, B. S., Hutchison, M.*, & Fusco, A.* (2019). Emotion regulation outcomes and preliminary feasibility evidence from a mindfulness intervention for adolescent substance use. Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse. doi: 10.1080/1067828X.2018.1561577

Guite, J., Russell, B. S., Pantaleao, A.*, Heller, A. T.*, Donohue, E.*, Galica, J., Zempsky, W., & Ohanessian, C. M. (2018). Parents as coping coaches for adolescents with chronic pain: Promoting caregiver self-regulation. Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, 6(3), 223-237. doi

Russell, B. S., Lee, J. O., Speiker, S., & Oxford, M. L. (2016). Parenting and preschool self-regulation as predictors of social emotional competence in 1st grade. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 30(2), 153-169. doi: 10.1080/02568543.2016.1143414

Beth Russell
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