JoAnn Robinson

Emeritus Professor, Director of Early Childhood Education and Early Intervention


Professor Emeritus, Retired, June 2017

Educational Background:

PhD Cornell University, 1982
B.A. Connecticut College, 1975
Disciplinary Background: Human Development and Family Studies

Professional Interests:

  • Prevention and early intervention for families and young children
  • Impact of interventions on emotional development and parent-child relationships
  • Infant mental health
  • Assessment of emotional development ages 0-8 years

Selected Professional Accomplishments:

  • 2017, Consultant, Chapin Hall, University of Chicago, Evaluating Community Approaches to Preventing or Mitigating Toxic Stress.
  • 2017, Consultant, LEGO Research Foundation, Learning Through Play in the First 1000 Days.
  • 2007-2012, Co-investigator, National Institute for Mental Health, Testing Developmental Models of Conduct Disorder.
  • 2006-present, Board Member, Connecticut Association for Infant Mental Health
  • 2002-2004, Principal Investigator, National Institute for Child Health and Human Development “Enhancing Preschool Readiness in Early Head Start.”
  • 2001-2005, Principal Investigator, National Science Foundation Research project “Early Empathic Development: Investigations into the Role of Culture and Gender in Minority Children in the U.S.A.”
  • 1996-2005, Co-Principal Investigator, Administration for Children and Families, Early Head Start local investigation; member national research consortium.
  • 1994-2005, Board Member, How to Read Your Baby, Inc.

Selected Publications:

  • Goodrich, S., Mudrick, H., & Robinson, J. L. (2015). Readiness for group-based learning in three-year-olds. Early Education and Development, 26, 1035-1056.
  • Popp, J., Robinson, J., Britner, P., & Blank, T. (2014). Parent adaptation and family functioning in relation to narratives of children with chronic illness. Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 29, 58-64
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  • Neu, M. & Robinson, J. L. (2010). Maternal holding of preterm infants during the early weeks after birth and dyad interaction at 6-months Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing, 39, 401-414.
  • Derick, L. & Robinson, J. L. (2010) Nurturing touch: The benefits of Peaceful Touch for early childhood educators. Early Childhood Services Journal, 4, (4), 185-198.
  • Robinson, J. L., Klute, M. M., Faldowski, R., Pan, B., Staerkel, F., Summers, J., & Wall, S. (2009). Mixed approach programs in the Early Head Start Research and Demonstration Project: An in-depth view. Early Education and Development, 20(6), 893-919.
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  • Robinson, J. L. & Acevedo, M. C. (2001). Infant reactivity and regulation during emotion challenges: Prediction of cognition and language skills in a low income sample. Child Development, 72, 402-416.
  • Robinson, J., Herot, C., Haynes, P., & Mantz-Simmons, L. (2000). Children’s story stem responses: A measure of program impact on developmental risks associated with dysfunctional parenting. International Journal for Child Abuse and Neglect, 24, 99-110.
JoAnn Robinson
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