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Curriculum Vitae: June 2020

Educational Background

  • Post Doctoral Fellowship, Yale University, 2010
  • PhD, University of Connecticut, 2009
  • BA, University of Connecticut, 2004

Professional Interests

  • Health disparities research with race/ethnic, sexual, and gender identity minority populations.
  • Structural and behavioral interventions to improve health and well-being.
  • Stigma and its effect on marginalized populations.
  • Domestic and international research on social determinants of disease, in particular, HIV prevention and treatment.
  • Research methods in the social/behavioral sciences.
  • Human sexuality and positive well-being.

Selected Professional Accomplishments

  • Primary Mentor, PrEP and Substance Use among Sexual Minority Young Adults (PI Watson). Funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, K01DA047918.
  • Co-Investigator, Estimating Mediation and Moderation Effects in HIV Incidence Prevention Trials (PI Pitpitan). Funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse, R01DA042666.
  • Principal Investigator, Unified Approach to Address PrEP Cascade for BMSM. Funded by National Institute of Mental Health, R34MH115798.
  • Principal Investigator, Novel Stigma/Structural Interventions to Increase HIV/STI Testing Uptake among BMSM. Funded by National Institute of Mental Health, R01MH109409.
  • mPrincipal Investigator, Unified Intervention to Impact HIV Care Continuum. Funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse, R01DA043068.
  • Associate Editor for AIDS and Behavior
  • Co-Director, National Institute of Mental Health funded T32 Training in Social Processes of HIV/AIDS
  • Associate Director, Southeast HIV/AIDS Research and Evaluation Project, Atlanta, GA
  • Principal Investigator, Institute for Collaboration on Health, Intervention, and Policy, University of Connecticut
  • Co-Chair, Sexual Health and HIV, Special Interest Group, Society Behavioral Medicine, Elected
  • Research Faculty Award, Human Development and Family Studies, University of Connecticut
  • White House Invited Attendee, HIV Stigma, Research for Robust Response
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Excellence in Research Award Nominee
  • Mentorship Excellence Award Nominee from the Office of Undergraduate Research
  • National Institutes of Health Reviewer for Population and Public Health Approaches to HIV/AIDS Study Section.
  • National Institutes of Health Reviewer for AIDS and AIDS-Related Research Study Section.
  • National Institutes of Health Reviewer for Addressing the Role of Violence on HIV Care Study Section.
  • National Institutes of Health Reviewer for Reducing Stigma to Improve HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment, and Care in Low and Middle Income Counties Study Section.
  • Associate Editor for Journal of Rural Mental Health
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Strategic Planning committee

UConn InCHIP Presentation on Stigma and Health Disparities

Selected Publications
(complete publication list here

  • Curley, C, Rosen, A, Mistler, C, & Eaton, L. (in press). Pleasure and PrEP: A Systematic Review of Studies Examining Pleasure, Sexual Satisfaction, and PrEP. Journal of Sex Research.
  • Wiginton, J.M, Eaton, L.A., Kalinowski, J., Watson, R.J., & Kalichman, S.C. (2021). Lifetime prevalence of syphilis infection among predominantly Black sexual and gender minorities living with HIV in Atlanta, GA. Ethnicity & Health.
  • Wiginton, J.M., Eaton, L.A., Watson, R.J., Maksut, J.L., Earnshaw, V.A., & Berman, M. (in press). Sex-positivity, medical mistrust, and PrEP conspiracy beliefs among HIV-negative cisgender Black sexual minority men in Atlanta, Georgia. Archives of Sexual Behavior.
  • Simon, K., Farr, R., Floyd, S., Clark, A., Renly, B., Eaton, L., & Watson, R. J. (in press). Contextualizing the well-being of asexual youth: Evidence of differences in family, health, and school outcomes. Journal of Youth and Adolescence.
  • Driver, L., Cortopassi, A., El-Krab, R., Eaton, L.A., & Kalichman, S.C. (in press). Examining stigmatizing beliefs about PrEP use among Black sexual minority men: A test of explanatory mechanisms. Psychology of Men & Masculinities.
  • Eaton, L.A., & Kalichman, S. C. (2020). Social and behavioral health responses to COVID-19: Lessons learned from four decades of an HIV pandemic. Journal of Behavioral Medicine.
  • Earnshaw, V. A., Eaton, L. A., Collier, Z. K., Watson, R. J., Maksut, J. L., Rucinski, K. B., Kelly, J. F., & Kalichman, S. C. (2020). HIV stigma, depressive symptoms, and substance use. AIDS Patient Care & STDs.
  • Maksut, JL, Eaton, LA, Baldwin, R, Driver, L*, & Knowles, CM*. (2020). Factors associated with awareness and use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among Black men who have sex with men with a recent STI diagnosis. Behavioral Medicine.
  • Rucinski, K., Eaton, L., Learner, E., Maksut, J., Watson, R.J., & Earnshaw, V. (2020). Transactional sex and incident chlamydia and gonorrhea among Black men who have sex with men in Atlanta. Sexually Transmitted Diseases.
  • Sullivan, MC*, Rosen, AO*, Allen, A*, Benbella D*, Camcho G*, Cortopassi, AC*, Driver, R*, Ssenyonjo, J*, Eaton, LA & Kalichman, SC. (2019). Falling short of the first 90: HIV stigma and HIV testing research in the 90-90-90 era. AIDS and Behavior.
  • Watson, RJ, Eaton, LA, Maksut, JL, Rucinski, KB, & Earnshaw, VA. (2019). Links between sexual orientation and disclosure among Black MSM: Sexual orientation and disclosure matter for PrEP awareness. AIDS and Behavior.
  • Maksut, JL, Gicquelais, RE*, Jackman, KM*, Eaton, LA, Friedman, MR, Matthews, DD, Bukowski, LA, & Stall, R. Injection drug use, unknown HIV positive status, and self-reported current PrEP use among Black men who have sex with men attending U.S. Black Pride events, 2014-2017. Drug and Alcohol Use Dependence.
  • Watson, RJ, Fish, JN, McKay, T, Allen, S, Eaton, LA, & Puhl, R. Substance use among a national sample of LGBTQ adolescents: Intersections of sex assigned at birth and gender identity. LGBT Health.
  • Eaton, LA, Allen, A, Maksut, JL, Earnshaw, VA, Watson, RJ, & Kalichman, SC. HIV microaggressions: A novel measure of stigma-related experiences among people living with HIV. Journal of Behavioral Medicine.
  • Matthews, DD, *Sang, J, *Chandler, CJ, *Bukowski, LA, Friedman, MR, Eaton, LA, & Stall, RD. Black men who have sex with men and lifetime HIV testing: Characterizing the reasons and consequences of having never tested for HIV. Prevention Science.
  • Friedman, M, *Sang, JM, *Bukowski, LA, *Chandler, CJ, Egan, JE, Eaton, LA, Matthews, DD, Ho, K, Raymond, HF, & Stall, R. Prevalence and correlates of PrEP awareness and use among Black men who have sex with men and women (MSMW) in the United States. AIDS and Behavior.
  • Earnshaw, VA, Reed, NM, Watson, RJ, Maksut, JL, *Allen, AM, & Eaton, LA. Intersectional internalized stigma among Black gay and bisexual men: A longitudinal analysis spanning HIV/STI diagnosis. Journal of Health Psychology.
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