Marlene Schwartz


Educational Background:
Ph.D., Psychology, Yale University, 1996
M.Phil., Psychology, Yale University, 1993
M.S., Psychology, Yale University, 1992
B.A., Haverford College, 1988 

*** Dr. Schwartz is accepting new doctoral students for Fall 2024. ***
Dr Schwartz is Director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Health. The mission of the Rudd Center is to promote solutions to food insecurity, poor diet quality, and weight bias through research and policy.

Current projects:
  • Assessing and strengthening school district wellness policies
  • Tracking and improving the nutritional quality of food bank and food pantry inventory
    • Nutrition Ranking in Food Banks and Pantries:  WellSCAN
  • Assessing how pediatricians talk to patients about diet, weight, and eating behaviors
  • Measuring the impact of Universal Free School Meals
  • Summer Food Service Program

Professional interests:
  • Measuring and strengthening local school wellness policies
  • The impact of the school nutrition environment on student diet and health
  • The Whole School, Whole Child, Whole Community Model  
  • Maximizing nutrition quality in food banks and food pantries
  • Decreasing the harm of unhealthy food marketing to youth

View more about Dr. Schwartz’s research at the Rudd Center website’s pages on schools and food security.

Selected Recent Publications:  
[Note: All Rudd Center publications and reports are available from the Rudd Center’s Resource Database]

* Designates UConn student and post-doc authors

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Selected examples of national media coverage:

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A color-coded system could help people make healthier choices at food pantries, study shows

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Surge in Child Hunger Overwhelms Richest U.S. Countries

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How Connecticut Schools Have Gotten Lunch to Kids Who Need It

The Counter (June 11, 2020)

Calorie labeling—once fiercely opposed by restaurants—could save thousands of lives and billions in health expenses

Reuters (February 21, 2020)

School lunch overhaul led to healthier meals for U.S. kids

Food Navigator (January 14, 2020)

Experts urge industry to work with schools to improve kids’ meals even as standards are rolled back

Business Insider (December 20, 2019)

Nearly all U.S. kids eating added sugars before age two

NBC News (December 18, 2019)

America’s obesity epidemic, especially among women, expected to get worse

US News and World Report (December 18, 2019)

Half of U.S. Adults Will Be Obese in 10 Years

Huffington Post (September 13, 2019)

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NPR (August 25, 2019)

Praise, Don’t Tease, And Other Tips To Help Kids With Their Weight

Washington Post (June 9, 2019)

Students, bored by cafeteria fare, love food delivery services; schools don’t.

NPR (April 11, 2019)

Climate change and our health

Los Angeles Times (January 28, 2019)

Obesity, climate change and hunger must be fought as one, health experts declare

CNBC (December 11, 2018)

New school lunch rules: Trump administration makes it easier to serve white bread

CNN (October 24, 2018)

Childhood obesity: America’s ‘true national crisis’ measured state by state

The Washington Post (December 5, 2017)

Food-makers are taking salt and sugar out of food. But they’re adding fat.

NPR (March 13, 2017)

Un-Sweetened: How A Maryland County Cut Soda Sales Without A Soda Tax


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