Vanessa Esquivel

Entered the Program: 2020

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Current program: 

Ph.D. with specialization in Diversity and Culture

Previous Education: 

  • BA (Psychology), University of Missouri-Kansas City – 2017
  • BA (Sociology), University of Missouri-Kansas City – 2017

Research Interests: 

  • Identity development of immigrant children and their parents
  • Ethnic/racial identity
  • Generational differences in acculturation
  • Latinx Families

Advising Committee:

  • Major Advisor: Dr. Caitlin Lombardi

Assistantship Experience:

  • Teaching Assistant (HDFS 2001), Fall 2020/Spring 2020
  • Graduate Assistant (UCONN La Comunidad Intelectual Learning Community) Fall 2020-present
Vanessa Esquivel
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