Counseling and Therapy

marriage-family-therapyCareer/Job Title– Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Counselor, Rehabilitation Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Counselor, Sexuality Counselor or Therapist



Potential Jobs– Private practice, schools, government agencies, group practices, medical clinics


Recommended Courses Beyond HDFS

PSYC-  1100: General Psychology I, 1101: General Psychology II, 2300: Abnormal Psychology
STAT- 2215Q: Introduction to Statistics II (if interested in research)

Of the legal/policy courses it is recommended students take these HDFS courses:

3110: Social and Community Influences on Child

3240: Aging in American Society or 3249: Gender and Aging (if clinical interest is in working with adults)

3250: Disabilities: A Lifespan Perspective

3252: Death, Dying, and Bereavement (particularly if interested in working as a grief counselor)

3277: Issues in Human Sexuality

3319: Risk and Resilience in Individuals and Families

3340: Individual and Family Interventions, 3101: Infant and Toddler Development, 3102: Early and Childhood Development, or 3103: Adolescent Development (if clinical interest is in working with children or adolescents)

3342: Family Resource Management

3343: Family Life Education

3420: Abuse and Violence in Families

3421: Low Income Families

3430: The Family-School Partnership

3520: Legal Aspects of Family Life (most directly related to clinical/caseworker issues)


Potential Internships

Fieldwork Limited internships available given the confidential nature of the work-related internships at DCF
Inpatient adolescent treatment centers
Crisis response phone lines
Helping roles at camps and other support services for youth


Advanced Degrees

MA/MS in MFT, MA/MS in Counseling, counselor education, or a related field, MSW, PhD in MFT, PhD in Social Work


Important Resources
(Note: the body noted in parentheses is the accrediting body which provides accreditation of educational programs in the chosen field)