Families and Disabilities

Families and Disabilities

Career/Job Title

Advocate Case manager, Community organizer, Family support worker, Researcher, Public policy /Law Evaluation, Nursing, Early Intervention (Birth to Three) provider, Rehabilitation (occupational therapy, physical therapy, medicine, speech-language pathology), Case manager in Developmental Disabilities organization.

Potential Jobs

Advocacy organizations, state agencies, schools and universities, human services, health care organizations, rehabilitation settings.

Recommended Courses Beyond HDFS

HDFS- 3251: Biotechnology, Disability and the Family
EDCI- 3007: Social and Community Issues in Education
PSYC 3370W: New Perspectives on Autism and Developmental Disabilities, 3105: Health Psychology, 3300: Emotional/Behavioral Disorders of Childhood
WGSS 3257: Feminist Disability Studies
ENGL 2274W: Disability in American Literature and Culture
HESC 4243: Health Law and Policy
INT 2245: Introduction to Diversity Studies in American Culture
SOCI 2501 Sociology of Intolerance and Injustice
PUBH 1001: Introduction to Public Health
PP 1001: Introduction to Public Policy, 4034: Social Policy

Potential Internships/Fieldwork

School, PBIS, Health care agency, Birth to Three provider, Hospital, Home visiting program, Grassroots & Advocacy Organizations

Advanced Degrees

MA or PhD in HDFS
Graduate study in disability studies, education and special education, sociology, psychology
Child Life Specialist

Important Resources

Society for Disability Studies
Association of University Centers on Disabilities
National Council on Disability
National Council on Independent Living
NYT- Fields of Study,Disability Studies:  A New Normal