Charles M. Super



Educational Background:

Ph.D., Developmental Psychology, Harvard University, 1972
Internship in Clinical Child Psychology, Judge Baker Children’s Center, Boston, M.A., 1981-85
B.A., cum laude, Psychology, Yale University, 1966

Selected Honors and Awards:

  • Award for Distinguished Contributions to Cultural and Contextual Factors in Child Development, Society for Research in Child Development (co-recipient with Sara Harkness), 2009
  • Connecticut Friend of Families and Consumers, presented by the Connecticut Affiliate of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, 2005
  • Distinguished Service Award, University of Connecticut School of Family Studies Alumni Association, 2005
  • Research Grant: Family Development Training: Effects on Agency Culture and Client Experience, andEvaluation of Paraprofessional Training for Nurturing Family Networks. (with S. Harkness). State of Connecticut Children’s Trust Fund, 2007-2011.
  • Research Grant: The socialization of state, attention, and affect. (with S.Harkness, D. van den Boom, D. Granger, & P. Molenaar). National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, 2000-2006.
  • Training Grant: Center for Culture, Health, and Children’s Development: Planning Grant. (with S. Harkness). National Science Foundation, 2001-2003.

Research Interests:

Cultural Regulation of Human Development, Particularly Biological, Cognitive, and Emotional Development During Infancy and Childhood; Parental and Professional Ethnotheories of Child Development and Behavior; Interventions to Promote the Physical and Mental Health of Children and Families; Research Methods Appropriate for Comparative and Culturally Based Research.

Selected Publications:

  • Raghavan, C., Harkness, S., & Super, C. M. (2010, in press). Parental ethnotheories in the context of immigration: Asian Indian immigrant and Euro-American mothers and daughters in an American town. In C. P. Edwards & T. S. Weisner (Eds.), “The contributions of Beatrice and John Whiting to the cross-cultural study of children and adolescents,Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology.
  • Super, C. M., & Harkness, S. 2009, in press). Culture and infancy. In G. Bremner and T. D. Wachs (Eds.), Blackwell Handbook of Infant Development (vol.1). Oxford, England: Blackwell.
  • Harkness, S., Keefer, C. H., & Super, C. M.(2009). Culture and ethnicity. In M. D. Levine, W. B. Carey, & A. C. Crocker (Eds.),Developmental-behavioral pediatrics(Fourth edition, pp. 182-191). New York: W. B. Saunders.
  • Super, C. M., & Harkness, S. (2009). The developmental niche of the newborn in rural Kenya. In J. K. Nugent, B. Petrauskas, & T. B. Brazelton (Eds.), The newborn as a person: Enabling healthy infant development worldwide (pp. 85-97). New York: Wiley.
  • Super, C. M., Axia, G., Harkness, S., Welles-Nyström, B., Zylicz, P.O., Ríos Bermúdez, M., Bonichini, S., Parmar, P., Moscardino, U., Kolar, V., Palacios, J., & McGurk, H. (2008). Culture, temperament, and the “difficult child:” A study in seven Western cultures. European Journal of Developmental Science, 2(1-2), 136-157.
  • Harkness, S., Super, C. M., Moscardino, U., Rha, J.-H., Blom, M. J. M., Huitrón, B., Johnston, C., Sutherland, M., Hyun, O.-K., Axia, G., & Palacios, J. (2007). Cultural models and developmental agendas: Implications for arousal and self-regulation in early infancy. Journal of Developmental Processes, 1(2), 5-39.
  • Super, C. M.(2005). The globalization of developmental psychology. In D. Pillemer S. H. White (Eds.), Developmental psychology and social change (pp. 11-33). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Super, C. M., Harkness, S. (2003). The metaphors of development. Human Development, 46(1), 3-23.
  • Super, C. M., Harkness, S. (2002). Culture structures the environment for development. Human Development, 45(4), 270-274.
  • Harkness, S., Super, C. M. (2001). Culture and parenting. In M. H. Bornstein (Ed.), Handbook of parenting, 2nd ed. (pp 253-280). Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum.

Selected Presentations:

  • Super, C. M., Blom, M. J. M., van Schaik, S., de Looze, M., Ranade, N., Mavridis, C., Moscardino, U., Hyun, O.-K., Rha, J.-H., & Harkness, S.Setting the biological clock: Daily routines and the establishment of diurnal rhythms in infancy. Presented in symposium Culturally structured daily activities: Effects on infant development and maternal well-being. (C. M. Super & U. Moscardino, organizers) at the biannual meetings of the Society for Research in Child Development, Denver, CO, April 2, 2009.
  • Super, C. M. Africa’s place in child development research and vice-versa. Presented at Symposium on Strengthening Africa’s Contributions to Child Development Research, Sponsored by The Society for Research in Child Development and Investigating Quality / University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada, 5 February, 2009.
  • Super, C. M., Moscardino, U., & Blom, M. J. M.(2008).  Temperament: Where culture meets biology. Invited paper presented at “Individual, Social, and Cultural Factors in Child and Family Health: A Conference in Honor and Memory of Vanna Axia.” Padua, Italy, May 23, 2008
  • Super, C. M. & Harkness, S. Colloquium on the study of child development in cultural context. Faculty of Social Sciences, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, May, 2007.
  • Super, C. M., Harkness, S., Rha, J.-H., Huitrón, B., Blom, M. J. M. The stability of infant reactivity in four cultural groups. Paper presented in Symposium entitled “The cultural organization of rest, arousal, stimulation, and activity” (S. Harkness J.-H. Rha, organizers) at the Biannual Meetings of the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development, Melbourne, Australia, July, 2006.
  • Super, C. M. The cultural regulation of development. Invited address to the Postgraduate Institute of Child Study, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. March, 2006.
  • Super, C. M. Harkness, S. The developmental niche in cross-cultural theory. Invited at Seoul National University, Korea. May, 2005.


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