Public Health

Public Health

Career/Job Title

Health educator, health services analyst, hospital/managed care administrator, outreach worker, research project coordinator, program analyst/evaluation specialist, grants management, global health, environmental health specialist, IRB/regulatory manager

Potential Jobs

Local, state, or federal health department, education, health service delivery organizations, hospital administration, program evaluation, research, community-based organization, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical/medical equipment companies, private foundations, Department of Environmental Protection, universities.

Recommended Courses Beyond HDFS

PUBH- 1001: Introduction to Public Health, 3001: Introduction to Epidemiology
ANTH-  3302: Medical Ecology, 3325: Introduction to Global Health
AH- 1100:Introduction to Allied Health Professions
PSYCH- 3105: Heath Psychology
SOCI- 3451: Sociology of Health
COMM- 4700: Health Communication
WGSS- 3453: Women and Health

Potential Internships/Fieldwork

Department of Public Health
Education system
Hartford based CBOs

Advanced Degrees

MPH, MA, PhD, MSW, JD (health law), MPA (Masters Public Health Administration), MBA (focus on hospital administration), MD

Important Resources

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