HDFS Honors Program

The HDFS program is part of the larger University Honors program and is designed for highly motivated students from any campus who want to enhance their undergraduate education through one of two paths - Honors Scholar or University Honors Laureate. HDFS Honor students on both paths have the opportunity to take small honors-only seminars and to work closely with faculty on research in their area of interest. If you are honors-eligible, you are invited to join the "honors community" in HDFS!

HDFS has a structured set of honors course requirements designed to support you through the process of meeting the honors requirements, and also to dovetail with your HDFS major requirements. Click here to learn more about being an Honors Scholar or a University Honors Laureate in HDFS.

For more information, contact HDFS Honors Program Advisor, Alaina Brenick


Alaina Brenick, PhDDr. Alaina Brenick

HDFS Honors Program Director, Professor

Lexi Tomkunas, MA

Lexi Tomkunas

HDFS Honors TA, Graduate student


  • GPA in HDFS of 3.5 or above
  • Overall GPA of 3.4 or above
  • Submitted application with 3-4 semesters remaining before graduation
  • Important: You can join the UConn Honors community anytime up until your Junior year. If you have earned entry into this prestigious program and are interested in joining the Honors community in HDFS, you will be welcome in the HDFS Honors Program.

How to Apply

Benefits of Graduating with Honors

  • Research a subject YOU are passionate about with HDFS Professors
  • Special recognition on your diploma, graduation program, and transcript
  • Separate honors medal graduation ceremony
  • Develop relationships with HDFS Professors = better recommendation letters
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully complete a long-term mentored research project = better resumé for jobs and grad school
  • Enhanced UConn library borrowing privileges and ability to reserve a UConn library carrel
  • Priority registration for classes
  • Invitations to University Honors events
  • Eligibility for residence in the All-Honors dorms