HDFS Honors Program

The Honors Scholar Program in HDFS is part of the University’s “honors-in-the-major” program and is designed for highly motivated students who want to enhance their undergraduate education. Honors Scholars have the opportunity to take small honors-only seminars and to work closely with faculty on research in their areas of interest. If you are honors-eligible, you are invited to join the “honors community” in HDFS.


  • GPA in HDFS of 3.5 or above
  • Total GPA of 3.4 or above
  • Submit an application before the beginning of your junior year

How to Apply

  • Make an appointment with the HDFS Honors Advisor: Associate Professor Kari Adamsons
  • Bring a copy of your transcript to your appointment
  • Complete the Honors Scholar Program Application forms and Preliminary Plan of Study form (available at www.honors.uconn.edu; template to assist with filling out the Preliminary POS form is available here).
  • Submit your application to the HDFS Honors Advisor at least one week before the University Honors Program deadlines for applications (check for application deadlines at: www.honors.uconn.edu)

Graduation as an HDFS Honors Scholar

To graduate with the designation of “Honors Scholar,” an HDFS student must meet the following requirements:

1. Be accepted into the University Honors-in-the-Major Program in HDFS

2. Complete a minimum of 17 credits of upper-division honors courses, including:

  • HDFS 3087 - Honors Proseminar (fall semester of junior year - 2 credits)
  • HDFS 3092 – Honors Research Practicum (spring semester of junior year – 1 credit)
  • Complete one 3-credit honors course (designated honors course or honors conversion) in a department other than HDFS (fall or spring semester junior year)
  • HDFS 4097 - Honors Thesis Preparation Seminar (fall & spring semesters of senior year - 1 credit each semester)
  • HDFS 3092 - Research practicum with your thesis supervisor (1st semester of senior year - 3 credits)
  • HDFS 4087W - Thesis Writing with your thesis supervisor (final semester of senior year- 3 credits)
  • At least one HDFS 5000-level graduate course (3 credits)

3. Complete and submit a Senior Honors Thesis that meets departmental standards for creativity and rigor

4. Maintain an overall GPA of 3.4 and a GPA of 3.5 in HDFS


  • Research opportunities with HDFS Professors
  • Special Recognition on your diploma, graduation program, and transcript
  • Develop relationships with HDFS Professors = better recommendation letters
  • Enhanced library borrowing privileges
  • Priority registration for classes
  • Access to Honors House
  • Invitations to University Honors events
  • Eligibility for residence in the All-Honors dorms