Adulthood and AgingCareer/Job Title

Government, Non-profits, Private Industry, Advocacy groups, Research, Social Work, Mental Health Counselor, Senior Center Director, Senior Housing Service Director, Health Care and Long-Term Care, Retirement Community Director, Elder and Family Law, Financial Advisor, Retirement Planner, Estate Planner, College Teacher, Interior Design, Environmental Design, Product Design for older consumers, Business & Financial Product Design, Marketing, Consultant via industry, and labor regarding aging issues in workplace, Nutritionist, Fitness.

Recommended Courses Beyond HDFS

AH- 3203: Aging: Implications for Health Professionals
HIST- 3555: Work and Workers in American Society
NUSC- 2200: Nutrition and Human Development, 3180: Experience in Community Nutrition, 3230: Community Nutrition
POLS- 1602: Introduction to American Politics, 3052: , 3842: Public Administration, 3847: The Policy-making Process
PP- 1001: Introduction to Public Policy, 3001: Public Policy, 3020: Cases in Public Policy, 4034: Social Policy
PSYC- 2600: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, 2700: Social Psychology
SOCI- 3459: Aging in American Society, 3911: Communities, 3971: Population
ECON- 2439: Urban Development and Policy

Advanced Degrees

Graduate level work (Certificate, Masters and/or Ph.D.) in Human Development and Family Studies,Gerontology, or adulthood and agingMSW with aging track, Graduate programs in Counseling, Finance, Policy or Law, Public Health or Business

Important Resources

Guide to careers in aging
Association for Gerontology in Higher Education
The Gerontological Society of America
Leading Age
American Society of Aging
American Geriatrics Society (AGS)
National Institute on Aging
Older Women’s League (OWL)
Administration on Aging

Gerontology Minor Requirements (pdf)


Students have the opportunity to work under the supervision of professionals in their field of interest and integrate their classroom leaning with practical experience through the department’s fieldwork program. This is a great opportunity for students to explore potential career pathways in a hands-on way and receive UConn credits at the same time!