Rachael Farina

M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy

Entered the Program: 2019

Hometown: Newington, Connecticut

Current Program:

  • Ph.D. Human Development and Family Sciences (Health and Wellbeing) 2019 – present

Previous Education:

  • Feminist Studies Graduate Certificate, University of Connecticut, 2022
  • Graduate Certificate in College Instruction, University of Connecticut, 2022
  • Executive Women in Leadership Certificate, Cornell University, 2021
  • M.A., Human Development and Family Studies (Marriage and Family Therapy), University of Connecticut, 2018
  • B.S., Psychology and Human Development and Family Studies, University of Connecticut, 2016

Research Interests:

  • Adolescent and adult pornography consumption
  • Parent/child communication regarding sex
  • Sexual behavior, beliefs, and attitudes

Advising Committee:

  1. Major Advisor: Dr. Kari Adamsons (HDFS)
  2. Associate Advisor: Dr. Eva Lefkowitz (HDFS)
  3. Associate Advisor: Dr. Amanda Denes (Communication)

Assistantship Experience:

  • Teaching Assistant (Individual and Family Development), Spring 2023
  • Primary Instructor (Family Interaction Processes), Spring 2022/Fall 2022
  • Teaching Assistant (Family Interaction Processes), Fall 2021
  • Research Assistant (Couples’ Communication About Cancer Study), Summer 2021
  • Teaching Apprentice (Close Relationships), Spring 2021
  • Teaching Assistant (Professional Communications in HDFS), Spring 2021
  • Research Assistant (UConn Early College Experience Program), Fall 2019/Spring 2020/Fall 2020
  • Teaching Assistant (Diversity Issues in HDFS), Fall 2019/Spring 2020
  • Teaching Assistant (Close Relationships), Fall 2016/Spring 2017


  • Graduate Fellowship, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, UConn, 2022
  • Summer Fellowship for Advanced Graduate Students, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, UConn, 2021
  • 100 Years of Women Scholarship, Women’s Center, UConn, 2021
  • Conference Participation Award, The Graduate School, UConn, 2021
  • College of Liberal Art and Sciences Graduate Fellowship,  2020
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant, HDFS Department, UConn, 2020
Rachael Farina
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