Areas of Specialization

In the HDFS department, graduate students specialize in one of five areas of specialization based on their research interests and career goals.  Below are the specialization areas and some information about each.  A detailed description and a list of affiliated faculty can be found by clicking on the area of specialization.

Adulthood, Aging, and GerontologyAdulthood, Aging, and Gerontology

The health and wellbeing of adults, older adults, families, caregivers, and communities.

Child and Adolescent DevelopmentChild and Adolescent Development

Development during infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, and the transition to adulthood in the context of a range of social settings, including families, peers, schools, and culture.

Couples, Parents, and FamiliesCouples, Parents, and Families

Relationships across the lifespan, including dating, marriage, and families of heterosexual and LGBTQ couples, in many social contexts including culture, socioeconomic status, and family structure.

Diversity and CultureDiversity and Culture

The quality of life for individuals of diverse social, cultural, and racial/ethnic backgrounds within and outside of the United States; gender and sexual identities; and disabilities/abilities.

Health, Wellbeing, and PreventionHealth, Wellbeing, and Prevention

The processes that promote health and wellbeing, and how to prevent negative outcomes at the individual, familial, community, and societal levels so as to develop prevention and intervention policies and practices.

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