Eminet Gurganus, HDFS Grad Student Spotlight, June 2023

Eminet GurganusEminet Abebe Gurganus, PhD is a 2023 graduate of the HDFS doctoral program. She entered the program having earned her Bachelor’s and Master of Public Health degrees from Yale University. Her research interests pertain broadly to social determinants of health, with a specific interest in system-level interventions to address health inequities. Working with her advisor, Dr. Marlene Schwartz, she has investigated partnerships between the healthcare system and social services (e.g., food pantries) and how such partnerships can be improved and leveraged to better serve people in need. In her dissertation, she applied qualitative and quantitative methods to study the implementation of referral and linkage processes between healthcare and community-based organizations for patients experiencing needs such as food or housing insecurity.

In addition to her research, Eminet has worked for several years in the healthcare sector. Her roles have included serving as program manager for a children’s hospital’s community health initiatives, health policy associate at a statewide child health policy institute, and director of grantmaking for a foundation focused on health equity. She currently works in the insurance industry as a strategic advisor for health equity.

Outside of work, Eminet enjoys nature walks, birdwatching, cooking, and being mom to her two boys, which she considers a privilege and her most important job.